The Professional Writing Series

The Professional Writing Series looks forward to welcoming you and your business partners/staff to our workshops.

With experienced instructors and a convenient central location, our participant driven workshops are the perfect way to lead your business to success. The three hour time frame for the workshop helps to focus the participant’s skills on the task at hand in an inspiring and collaborative learning environment.

Throughout our workshops we’ll show you practical techniques to refine and gain powerful results from your business writing.

In today’s digital environment being able to construct messages that get results and create effective business communications is essential.

Our Supporters

PWS works in partnership with the Queensland Writer Centre to foster professional writing across all aspects of business. Together we are committed to equipping your organization with the knowledge and practical skills to communicate your message effectively and engage with your end user across all platforms.

Our expanding 2018-2019 series covers a wide gamut of content and we are constantly looking to expand to meet business trends and industry requirements.