Content Strategy Business Bootcamp

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What your content says, and how it is presented, is vital for your business. This workshop is designed to help you build your own content strategy, one that effectively conveys your message every time.

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This Workshop Is Ideal For

Great for those who are building content in their business and are looking to take control of this resource.

Key Takeaways

  • Develop your own content strategy
  • Humanise your brand to drive engagement
  • Establish the right social media platforms for your company

Topics Covered In This Training Course

  • What is content?  Learn what content actually means for your business.
  • Build a content strategy  Use our 10 step guide to building you own content strategy.
  • Link your business goals Learn how to use content to achieve business goals.
  • How much content do I need? Find out what’s write for your company and how to get there.
  • Humanise your brand Transform public perception and drive business success by humanising your brand.
  • SEO basics Learn the basics of how SEO can help drive search results on the Internet.
  • Social media landscape Boost your social media understanding with minimal effort.
  • Organic vs paid Maximise your chances of being seen without a large paid budget.
  • #Hashtags Learn how and when they’re important.