Effective Media Release Writing

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The Media Release is one of our most familiar marketing tools, but in today’s 24-hour news cycle writing a media release that will achieve actual results can be challenging.

Throughout this practical workshop participants will use tools to maximise their results through effective writing, use of multimedia and strategic distribution.  

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This course is ideal for

This workshop has been developed for everyone required to create engaging media releases content that standout from the rest in the journalists “inbox” and maximize coverage.

Key Takeaways

  • Think and write like a journalist
  • Incorporate multimedia elements for engagement
  • Optimize your distribution strategy

Topics Covered In This Training Course

  • Work productively with journalist Understand how journalists work to create and share stories that benefit the reader.
  • Replace jargon with direct, impactful language   Create impact with clear language
  • Master the modern media cycle, not against it Structure your work to take advantage of the media cycle
  • The anatomy of a media release Learn how to structure a effective media release
  • Incorporate multimedia elements as part of your pitch Employ multimedia to build the strength of your work
  • The power of an emotive headline  Understand why headlines need to be accurate and attention grabbing.
  • Designing the lead paragraph Entice the reader to keep reading.
  • Quotations – in focus Create engaging content by using quotations
  • Optimise your media release distribution strategy  Maximize your distribution by defining who, how & when.