Successful Speech Writing

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Prepares you to write engaging successful speeches consistently. Capture attention and engage your audience immediately with presentation for successful speech writing.

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This Workshop Is Ideal For

Those who need to craft speeches that deliver a clear message and engage audiences.

Key Takeaways

  • Analyse, interpret and deliver on a brief
  • Improve the effectiveness and readability of your speeches
  • Motivate and connect with a variety of audiences

Topics Covered In This Training Course

  • Find your ‘voice’ as a speech writer Establish and encourage your voice
  • Understand and delivering on a brief   Adapt your skills to deliver every time
  • Successful speech structure Build flexible frameworks for the speaker and audience
  • Define tone and topic connectors Engage audiences by blending transitions with key takeaways
  • Write to be heard, not read  Learn why writing for the printed page is different from writing to be heard.
  • Incorporate humour appropriately    Appreciate and apply humour to your speeches
  • Adapt your writing for a variety of audiences. Learn how to analyse your audience and adapt your speech to suit
  • Become memorable  Connect with the emotions of your audience.