Foundations of Technical Document Writing

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Communication is an important skill for business, but it can be challenging to write documents on technical topics that are accessible for readers.  In this hands on workshop the participants will learn more about how to create technical documents that communicate in a clear effective manner.

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This Workshop Is Ideal For

This workshop is ideal for people who are working in a professional field and are writing technical documents who don’t come from a writing background.

This course will teach you the skills you need to succeed as a technical writer. You will learn how to translate complex information into easily understood language. Great for technical employees who have been asked to write technical documents for others to read.

Please bring a sample of technical writing that you finding challenging to work on during the workshop. Come with your own laptop/ digital device.

Key Takeaways

  • Use structure and plans to ensure your writing hits the mark
  • Tailor content to meet your audience’s needs and preferences
  • Present complex data in engaging ways

Topics Covered In This Training Course

  • Prepare to Write Determine the needs of your audience.
  • Ask Questions Learn how to ask the questions that get the answers you need.
  • Structure Your Plan Find out how structuring your plan will help you move forward.
  • Create References Use references to make your content accessible.
  • Summaries Learn the power of using summaries in your work.
  • Formatting Structures Make your report easy for the reader to follow through formatting.
  • Graphs and Tables Use graphs and tables to display complex data.
  • Images Say more with less, by using images and Info-graphics.
  • Polish your writing Perfect your writing with editing and proof reading tips.