Writing Effective Reports

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A poorly crafted report may obscure important information and fail to convey the need for action. This course will help you write reports that are fit-for-purpose, easy-to-read, concise and useful.

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This Workshop Is Ideal For

This is a hands-on, practical course for anyone keen to improve the content, structure, professionalism and usefulness of their written reports.

Great for managers at all levels who want to improve their report-writing skills. Bring a real-world example of a report you’re working on or planning to write. If your organisation has a template or specific requirements for this report, make sure you bring those too. Commercially sensitive content will not be shared with other workshop participants, and the trainer will maintain confidentiality.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand different types of business reports
  • Write for the report’s target audience and purpose
  • Apply a clear and logical structure
  • Help the reader quickly grasp content
  • Avoid common errors and pitfalls

Topics Covered In This Training Course

  • Report types Understand the report’s ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’
  • Audience  Identify your audiences and what they need from your report
  • Structure Apply a clear, logical structure that works for all your readers
  • Style Use specific style techniques to help the reader quickly grasp content
  • Avoid common mistakes  Is your writing old-fashioned, too formal, or not formal enough? Learn to strike the right note
  • Recommendations Engage your target reader with clear and proven recommendations.